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Today I set out determined not to spend much money, I’m running a bit low about now. I had planned on taking a tour of The Killarney National Park,  the guided tour was a bit expensive, but it’s free to walk all you want. The park is around 25,000 acres so clearly I wasn’t going to get to see as much as I’d like on foot, my phone app said I walked 12 miles..so yeah almost walked the whole damn thing😝

What I saw of the park is stunning. The foot paths are great, I took a foot path called The River Walk, along…what else, a river ha. I should mention that there are horse drawn carriages that go through town and the park that are decently priced, I just couldn’t do it because of my personal feelings about how hard that must be on the horses, so I walked and had a really nice several hours. The park entrance is right next to the city, so it isn’t far to get to.

My biggest problem is forgetting to eat and after the park I was nearly famished, I found a place called The Danny Mann Bar and Restaurant, I’d trekked out so early that everything was just opening, this is a huge bar and restaurant and it was nice being the only one there right at opening. Delicious as usual! I got a nice glass of Pinot and since I had yet to eat any Bangers and Mash that’s what I settled on.

I also found a little jewelry store and despite saving my €, finally bought myself something. I adore my new claddagh ring with my birth stone in it, as my birthday is in 3 days, what the hell. I’d saved money by not taking the tour just to turn around and spend it anyway. Go figure.

I have to admit that having a car here would be helpful, the castles are a bit far to walk to and hiring a car or taxi is out of my price range for a long trip to the country. The town itself is as quaint and interesting as you’d think, but geared for shopping. The architecture is of course beautiful. There are about 6 churches that look identical, but vary in size, the photo of the church outside my window is the smallest of all of them. Here is it’s mother, as I’ve started thinking of them as a family unit. This being the largest of all is clearly the mom. 

The Killarney Plaza Hotel is really nice and they have a beautiful pool that I’m dying to get into. If you’ve been following my blog you know I have alopecia, and as much as I’d love to just strut my bald badass self to the pool, it makes me nervous. I talked to the young man at the pool and spa entrance about my dilemma simply asking when it was least crowded, and he’s staying late so I can have the pool to myself for 20 minutes. I love and hate that. I should get an extra privilege because my disorder? No, but at the same time I won’t go with a bunch of people around. I don’t know maybe one day I’ll get used to this, it’s been 20 years, so maybe not. 

Later: I did it. Walked my bald ass down right through the front door. Had the place totally to my lonesome. Another day down folks. Sleep well. Tomorrow I walk to a castle.