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It isn’t as bad as the photo above but spring cleaning, cleaning at all in fact is not my forte. As the better half continues to roof our house, I have made it my goal to get rid of anything I don’t need and deep clean my house.

I am not a great house keeper. I’m not quite a hoarder but my home is surface clean only. I figured that I’d focused on heavy duty blogs a bit, let’s lighten it up.

Things you will need:

1. A large container of gasoline.

2. Matches.

3. Good insurance.

What I’ve actually done is systematically gone through every room before I even started and pulled every item I don’t use, don’t need, and is just adding clutter. I ended up with 6 or 7 boxes to transport to the thrift store.

I started by pulling all furniture to the middle of the room and cleaning baseboards, walls, and windows, before my general cleaning.

Once I got to the kitchen I just basically stood in the middle of the room and cried. Removing everything from all cupboards, refrigerator, and shelving sucked. I cleaned the inside and outside of everything before putting everything back.

I don’t actually have any easy tips, I guess the only advice I have is if you’ve not used it in a year, discard it. Buy less, so this doesn’t happen again. Live with less. My plan for the next year. 

My kitchen is done, I have wayyyyy less. I am working on cleaning out my resentments, pains, and self loathing, cleaning my space seems like the next step.

It looks amazing and I’ve noticed a huge weight off my shoulders.

Anyhoo that’s all I got for today.